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A Great Fisherman Throttles Back – ALASKA CAFE

When great Alaskans run into trouble, a lot of the time we take a wait and see attitude instead of being pro-active. In this case I’m talking about long-time Kodiak fisherman and community advocate, John Finley. (Some of the greatest fishermen, in my book anyway, haven’t acquired the biggest boats. John is one these.) It was hard for him being a lone, or unaffiliated, advocate. If you want to keep at it, you have to be like a politician and get a paying gig and then hope you can get out what you really want to say in the midst of all the things you don’t want to do. In the end, the lone wolf often ends up like Nikola Tesla, alone in a hotel room. Read more here 10:27

A CFA or an RSDA for Community Benefit from the Fisheries

In the Magnuson – Stevens Act that was enacted to provide a framework to manage the fisheries in the 200 miles of fish rich waters around U.S. shores, there is an intent to protect the fishing communities themselves. Not just the fishermen, but the downtown businesses, the tax coffers that fund roads, schools, etc, and the airlines and everything else that makes a community viable. Later, ‘community fishing entities’ wording was inserted as an idea to help in this process. This is a look at a current proposal for a ‘community fishing entity’ which is untried and untested and then a look at an existing State of Alaska program that would do the same thing. Read more here alaskacafe 20:36