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Prince William Sound salmon catch exceeds 104 M fish

State fisheries officials estimated that commercial fishermen inPWS salmon catch exceeds 104 M fish have landed 104,085,000 salmon through Oct. 2, and continued to urge gillnet fishermen to assure a market before harvesting more fish. The words of caution were contained in an Alaska Department of Fish and Game fishery update Oct. 2 for Prince William Sound. To date the statewide preliminary Alaska commercial salmon harvest blue sheet shows that the harvest from Prince William Sound includes 98,215,000 humpies, 3,133,000 sockeyes, 2,515,000 chums, 199,000 cohos and 24,000 Chinook salmon. Read the rest here 09:21

Alaska commercial salmon harvest tops 146 million

Alaska’s commercial salmon catch continues to climb, reaching 146 million fish through Sept. 2. Statewide, the total catch includes  according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s bluesheet estimate. Fishermen are now primarily targeting pinks, Read the rest here 15:05