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AJOC EDITORIAL: Time for Penney to drop vendetta against setnetters

A pair of setnetters push their boat to shore in Cook Inlet in 2013.Bob Penney is now 0 for 2 at the Alaska Supreme Court in his efforts to reallocate Cook Inlet salmon stocks at the ballot box, but he’s not giving up the fight against commercial fishermen. It’s past time that he did after some three decades of dividing the community with his nonstop efforts to drive his neighbors out of business and turn the Kenai River into his personal playpen. After the court emphatically rejected his ballot initiative that would ban setnetting from Cook Inlet beaches on Dec. 31, Penney released a statement that, “Maybe it’s time the federal government looked into this issue.” Read the editorial here 19:52

With court date on ballot measure looming, Kenai setnetters ponder their future

This summer, just as they have done for generations, setnetters are working the shores of the western Kenai Peninsula, stringing out nets and hauling in hundreds of thousands of fish from the abundant sockeye salmon runs of Southcentral Alaska.  Last month, the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance submitted 43,000 signatures to the Alaska Division of Elections to certify an initiative that would ban setnets in Alaska’s urban areas. If approved by voters, the initiative would outlaw setnets in the five designated urban areas of Alaska, including Valdez, Ketchikan, Fairbanks — and the Kenai Peninsula. Read the rest here 18:15

Anti-setnet group scrubs site after submitting signatures

signituresAfter the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance submitted 43,000 signatures on June 10 to the Alaska Division of Elections seeking a 2016 ballot initiative that would ban setnets in urban areas of the state, the organization scrubbed its website to remove a link to a group it has previously claimed isn’t related to the effort. Although the AFCA shares several board members with the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, or KRSA, including the latter’s founder Bob Penney, the group has strenuously denied the two groups are linked based on their different tax-exempt status. Read the rest here 10:34

Special interest group continues effort to get setnet ban on 2016 ballot

A proposed voter initiative to ban setnets in urban parts of Alaska is making its way toward the ballot, while a lawsuit over its legality continues. The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance has been collecting signatures throughout the state to put the proposed ban on the August 2016 ballot. President Joe Connors said in an emailed statement that the signature-collecting is going well. “We are confident we will reach our goal,” he wrote. Read the rest here  11:24

State to appeal setnet initiative ruling

The State of Alaska will appeal a state Superior Court decision that would permit a ballot initiative that could ban setnets in certain parts of the state. The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, or AFCA, filed a ballot initiative petition last November seeking to ask voters whether to ban setnets in urban parts of the state, which would primarily impact Upper Cook Inlet setnetters. <Read more here> 19:27

Set Net Fishery’s Future in Superior Court Hands

ANCHORAGE – The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance made its case in Superior Court this afternoon, in hopes of overturning a decision that would ban commercial set nets in several non-subsistence areas around the state.  Read more here  07:41

New group defends Treadwell in setnet ban initiative case

The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, or AFCA, wants to ask voters to ban setnets in urban parts of the state. If the initiative made it on to the ballot and passed, it would eliminate setnetters in Cook Inlet. Read more here peninsulaclarion.com  13:20

Setnet ban backers heading to court over denied ballot initiative

The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance has gone to court in an effort to allow voters to decide whether commercial salmon setnets should be banned in Cook Inlet and other urban areas of Alaska. At a sometimes contentious press conference with reporters and some setnetters on Wednesday in Anchorage, the group expressed the belief that 49th state voters have a fundamental right to decide the types of gear used to catch fish in Alaska. Read [email protected]  13:38

Commercial fishing groups worried about initiative – Proposed setnet ban draws fire

Since the newly formed Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance released its ballot initiative proposition to ban setnet fishing in areas of the state it defined as “urban,” several commercial organizations have met to plan strategy against the new attack. While a large part of any planned strategic maneuvering includes waiting, another part includes picking apart portions of the AFCA’s initiative that commercial fishermen are calling “vague” and “misleading,” [email protected]  18:01

Group aims to ban commercial setnetting in Cook Inlet, Valdez, Fairbanks, Mat-Su, Juneau and Ketchikan

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522A new organization backed by a powerful Kenai River sportfishing advocate is trying to ban setnetting from all urban areas in Alaska, including Cook Inlet. [email protected]  20:40