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Alaska fishermen gain edge in fight over sustainability labeling

Early last year, Alaska’s wild salmon fishing industry decided to end its partnership with the seafood world’s most prominent sustainability certification group in favor of its own labeling efforts. But the move quickly drew a reaction from customers, as Wal-Mart and others said they would no longer buy Alaskan salmon without the independent check. Now, the Alaska salmon industry appears to have won the fight, recently saying it was standing firm in its decision to drop the outside certification group. [email protected] 15:22

Alaska fishermen and their families have led the Walmart/MSC charge – Alaska salmon row moves onto political stage

MSC-Logo36185chilliwackwalmartboycottTHE ongoing dispute between Alaskan salmon fishermen and the US retail giant is moving into the political arena. Walmart has said it will only buy Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish, but the Alaskan fishermen have withdrawn from MSC because they say it is too bureaucratic and expensive, adding that there are other equally valid certifications to which they belong. [email protected]

Alaska fishing groups protest expanded observers program Ketchican, Alaska

“A lot of Alaska fishermen are sitting here saying this program, which is  scheduled to start in a month, is extremely onerous for the small  community-based boats and doesn’t contain the logistical detail that we need to  know – and didn’t have input on – in order to minimize the impact on our  businesses,” Falvey said.
The new program will include commercial boats  under 60 feet. For 2013, vessels under 40 feet will remain exempt.
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