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In halibut turf wars, no one’s looking out for the little guy

The time is well past for contemplating why the U.S. government would stick it to Alaska halibut fishermen least able to defend themselves, but that doesn’t make the question moot. Too long it has been ignored, and in that regard I am forced to contemplate the long-ago comments of an acquaintance highly placed in the hierarchy of the bureaucracy dictating the management of fisheries in the north Pacific Ocean.  For reasons about to become obvious, this person will remain nameless. Suffice to say, however, that it was a member of a federal bureaucracy that is supposed to protect the interests of all Americans Read [email protected]  14:08

Alaska Fish Factor: Stall in Salmon Catch Shares

Catch share crunch – It will cost a fisherman more than that to get his hands on 100,000 pounds of halibut in prime Alaska fishing regions.  Not surprisingly, that side of the broker business is slow and there’s not much to sell, especially for halibut where catches have been slashed by 70% over three years and more cuts are coming.  Read more