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Celebrating Small Business: Catch 49 keeping Alaskan fishing local

The brainchild of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC), Catch 49 has been working with small-scale fishermen along Alaska’s coastline to provide sustainably-sourced seafood options to the community since 2011. Operating under one of AMCC’s guiding principles, “fisheries management policies should ensure adequate, intergenerational access to fishing opportunities for local residents and communities,” Catch 49 prides itself on providing business opportunities to coastal residents. >click to read< 15:01

Alaska Fishing Delegation Heads To Washington

Representatives of the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association and the Alaska Marine Conservation Council– both members of the nationalFishing Communities Coalition (FCC) – were in Washington, DC, this week urging lawmakers to resist shortsighted efforts to weaken fishing communities by undermining key Magnuson-Stevens Act accountability provisions.,,, “The MSA is working in Alaska and around the country because all sectors adhere to scientifically-sound annual catch limits. >click to read<09:54

Pushing back against the greying of the fleet

The average age of an Alaska fisherman today is more than 50 years old. That number is growing statewide, according to a November report, as permit and quota holders leave coastal communities, reducing opportunities for youth to enter fisheries. The absence of youth in Alaska’s fisheries has become known as the “greying of the fleet” and it’s affecting rural and urban communities across the state. To help with the problem, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council has chosen five young leaders from the fishing industry to help steward projects aimed at increasing youth access to the fishing industry. click here to read the story 14:05

Gulf of Alaska fishermen wary of Congressional intrusion into council process

Editor’s note: Stephen Taufen of Groundswell Fisheries Movement did not write the petition distributed by AMCC. This article refers to a separate memo of his own distributed to interested parties in which he alludes to Rep. Beutler. Gulf of Alaska fishermen suspect that Washington, D.C., politics might come into play for fisheries regulations they want left to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. A letter circulated by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and signed by 250 Gulf of Alaska fishermen and residents was sent to each of Alaska’s three congressional delegation members. The letter asks that the Alaska’s representatives in the nation’s capital oppose any legislation intended to press Gulf of Alaska fisheries regulations. “Specifically, we request our Alaska delegation to support development of a Gulf of Alaska Trawl Bycatch Management Program (aka catch share) in the Council process so all stakeholders may contribute to a transparent process,” the letter asks. Read the rest here12:05 Additional information by scrolling to the comment section.

Groups hope MSA update won’t move fish conservation ‘backwards’

A number of regional fishing associations are joining forces to strengthen the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The Sitka-based Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association announced last week (9-9-14) that it’s reached an agreement with the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and several east-coast industry groups to form the Fishing Community Coalition. Read the rest here 21:25

Compass: Support for Alaska fishermen does good from boat to table

Not all seafood is created equal; this is a truth Alaskans know deeply. In Anchorage, we live at the epicenter of the some of the most abundant, diverse and well-managed fisheries on Earth. Many of us don’t rely on restaurants or markets in town to put seafood into our bellies. continued

Partnerships for Fisheries Innovation, Growth, and Change: An Update on Travels to New England, Collaboration with the Community Fisheries Network & Other Inspiring Fisheries Organizations

A team from AMCC along with other Alaskan fishing friends embarked on an amazing voyage to Maine and Boston in early March. I accompanied the “Kodiak contingent” which included Dave Kubiak, AMCC’s board chair, Theresa Peterscaled_e1366304480son, AMCC’s Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, and Darius Kasprzak, President of the Alaska Jig Association. All three of the Kodiak group are active fishers, which gave our group lots of “fish cred” to carry with us as we headed east. Linda Behnken, President of the Alaskan Longline Fishermen’s Association and a member of AMCC’s Board of Advisors also went on trip.  continued