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Alaska salmon season a success in global market

It was a generally good salmon season for Alaska, except for one species. “It was a disastrous year for chinook harvest.” That’s Andy Wink, a seafood economist with the consulting firm McDowell Group. Wink says while king salmon may be the most famous salmon species among Alaskans, it also makes up the lowest total value of all the different commercial salmon species. “Sockeye, pink salmon, chum salmon, those are the species that for the commercial fleet really move the needle in terms of total value.” click here to read the story 19:25

Alaska salmon season may finish a bit short of forecast

Bristol Bay reds run by their own clockAlaska’s salmon season has seen ups and downs, but it will be a stretch for the total catch to reach the forecasted 221 million fish. “It just depends on how these late-returning pink salmon at Prince William Sound performs, and whether or not pinks pick up at Southeast. It’s possible, but we would still have to harvest around 30 million more salmon,” mused Forrest Bowers, deputy director of the state’s Commercial Fisheries Division. One of the biggest stories of the season, of course, was the surprising double run of sockeye salmon (reds) to Bristol Bay,,, Read the rest here 10:14