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For the third consecutive year, testing finds Alaska seafood free of Fukushima radiation

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said in a statement that seafood samples from Alaska waters in 2016 tested negative for three Fukushima-related radioactive isotopes: iodine-131, cesium-134 and cesium-137. The findings for the tested species – including king, chum, sockeye and pink salmon, as well as halibut, pollock, sablefish, herring and Pacific cod – matched those from 2014 and 2015. “Fish species were chosen for testing based on their importance to subsistence, sport, and commercial fisheries and because they spend part of their life cycle in the western Pacific Ocean,” DEC officials wrote. “Samples of fish were taken by DEC environmental health officers during regular inspections of commercial fishing processors throughout the state.” Department spokeswoman Marlena Brewer said that the samples were tested at DEC’s Environmental Health Laboratory in Anchorage, using portable gamma-ray analysis equipment provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Click here to read the rest 18:26

Cape Girardeu, Missouri – Alaska seafood firm boasts local ties

2584824-AThe Cape Farmers Market in Cape Girardeu, Missouri opened Thursday, and vendors of all types showed up to sell their wares. Among them was Trevor Tripp from Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood. Though the fish, as the name suggests, is caught in Alaska, the company has local ties and a focus on sustainability one might expect from a farmers market vendor. Owner Tony Wood is from Carbondale, Illinois, and maintains a home in Southern Illinois. He spends much of his time, however, in King Salmon, Alaska, in a town with no roads in or out. “If you don’t get there by boat or plane, you’re not getting there,” Tripp said. Read the rest here 07:58

Alaska Market Fresh: Waiting for halibut? You may have to wait a bit longer

alaska-halibut__frontThe halibut season opened last weekend. But the blustery weather may make those hankering for halibut to be a bit patient. “This is the first week of the big halibut opener and wouldn’t you know the whole winter the weather has been nice and warm and this weekend a blizzard happens,” says John Jackson of New Sagaya Markets. “I saw a total of about 1,076 pounds landed over the weekend, and that is nothing. Thanks to the weather, it is what it is. I am hoping that we hear better news in the next few days.” Read the rest here 15:28

No Fukushima radiation found in Alaska seafood

Alaska health officials say testing of Alaska seafood revealed no radiation contamination from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, which was damaged by a tsunami in 2011. Read more here 07:24

Wal-Mart decision on Alaska seafood could be bad for fisheries

MSC-LogoWal-Mart Stores Inc. will once again start selling Alaska salmon, but is its decision good for Alaska’s fisheries and fishing communities? State and federal politicians and industry boosters say yes; but with so many unaddressed social and ecological challenges facing our fisheries and fishing communities, I am not so sure. For those unfamiliar with the story, Wal-Mart had a policy to purchase only seafood that carries certification from the Marine Stewardship Council. Read more here alaskadispatch 09:28