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Alaska Supreme Court rules setnet ban initiative unconstitutional – calls initiative a “give-away program”

judgementThe Alaska Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling on Thursday, declaring a ballot initiative to ban setnets in certain areas of the state unconstitutional. Calling the initiative a “give-away program” that was designed to appeal to the self-interests of non-commercial fishermen, the court issued an opinion on Thursday that put an end to a lengthy legal process that began in late 2013. The initiative would have almost exclusively impacted the Kenai Peninsula, where 735 setnet permits are registered alongside a large guided angler industry. Alaska residents hold more than 80 percent of the permits. Read the article here 17:19

Fish War: What does the future hold for setnets?

signituresA one handed clap best describes the reaction to the 43,000 signature drop off by anti-salmon setnet advocates at the Division of Elections last week. The ban is being pushed one-handed by the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance (AFCA), whose board of directors delivered stacks of signature booklets, followed by a press conference rife with talking points, table pounding, bravado and buzzwords.,,, “Setnetting in Alaska is very important to these local coastal economies. They are long time, family based operations ,,, Read the rest here 09:43

High Court Clears Way for Bristol Bay Initiative

The Alaska Supreme Court has cleared the way for an initiative that would require legislative approval for major mining operations in the Bristol Bay watershed, like the proposed Pebble Mine. Read more here 06:33

Push Back: Cook Inlet Fisherman’s Fund appeals decision on 2013 Cook Inlet management

23523_354387901211_7651997_aThe Cook Inlet Fisherman’s Fund is appealing the decision that upheld the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s 2013 management of Cook Inlet salmon fisheries. The fisherman’s fund, or CIFF, filed an appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court June 10, according to CIFF attorney Bruce Weyhrauch. Read more here 18:59