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Alaska’s Fisheries – Dear Alaskan, Throughout my entire career, I have pushed to build our fisheries – Mead Treadwell

To represent Alaska, you have to know Alaska. I respectfully ask for your vote. Here’s why: My first job in Alaska, forty years ago, was helping former Gov. Wally Hickel in the fight for the 200 mile limit. That was the mid-1970’s. Read more here 15:57

Compass: Alaska’s fisheries need real help from D.C., not meddling

Since my two GOP competitors for the U.S. Senate are skipping the Kodiak debate on fisheries, here’s what they’ll miss: my 40-year experience in the fight for Alaska’s fisheries has equipped me to take on Washington, D.C., to keep our fish abundant, our decision-making local, and our fishery industry vibrant. Mead Treadwell is a candidate in the Alaska Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Read more here  17:01

Fukushima’s comeback: Radiation from unending mess could threaten Alaska’s fisheries

FAIRBANKS — The Obama administration’s failure to alert Americans to the danger of Fukushima radiation is motivated by corporate politics and the interests of the nuclear power industry.,,The U.S. government organized a multi-agency stealth response in the wake of the reactor meltdowns. Friends of the Earth and others filed FOIA requests to learn how the crisis was being managed in days after March 11.,,Supervisors demanded confidentiality while maintaining a press blackout, assuring that most Americans had no chance to prepare or mitigate. [email protected] 11:07