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Alma Fleet Launch – A big party to see off the lobster fleet on season opener

The lobster fishermen of Alma will be cheered on by hundreds of spectators on Friday morning as they head off to work on the first day of lobster season. This morning a crowd of Alma residents gathered by the wharf to see off the boats that will bring back the delectable ocean-dwellers. Jane Chrysostom, the co-ordinator of the Alma Fleet Launch, said the launch has become a significant event in the community. “Last year at a very, very pre-dawn fleet launch we had over 600 people come. So, it’s a big draw,” said Chrysostom. The lobster industry is important to many small communities along the Bay of Fundy and Alma is no exception, which is why so many residents come out to send the ships off. There will be music, comedy and even food on hand for breakfast. And there is even an opportunity for people to experience the day from a lobster’s point of view. Read the rest here 10:25

Alma celebrates the launch of lobster fleet – The annual late-night party has grown into a vibrant community event

Tonight, at midnight, by the light of the moon and the stars, the lobster boats will put out to sea from the wharf in Alma. And they won’t be heading out quietly. What started off four years ago with a cup of coffee and a simple goodbye has grown into a major event. Starting on on Tuesday afternoon, the Alma Fleet Launch festival gets underway with a kitchen party and an awards presentation. The party continues into the evening music and fireworks. Read the rest here 10:00

I like this! Alma sending off lobster fleet with all-night party – They love their lobstermen!

Lobster fishermen will depart the wharf in the southeastern New Brunswick community of Alma Tuesday morning after a major send-off — an all-night party. Jane Chrysostom, one of the organizers of the Alma Fleet Launch Festival near Fundy National Park, says the event is a celebration of the fishing families and the dangerous, unpredictable work of the fishermen. Read the rest here 08:20

What This Canadian Village Lacks in Size, it Makes Up With Heart and Lobster

“Whether the boats come in at one in the morning or one in the afternoon, you have to make a schedule to have everything lined up so the fishermen aren’t waiting — they’re your babies and you have to keep them happy,” says MacDonald.  Read more here 09:41