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AESA Urges U.S. Government to Reject ESA Listing for American Eel

Following a petition from the Council for Endangered Species Act Reliability (CESAR) (click here to see petition), the U.S. government this month will once again consider calls to list the American eel as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The American Eel Sustainability Association (AESA) reiterates its position that the American eel does not require either a “threatened” or “endangered” designation. AESA cites ample scientific study from a Federal agency and strict regulations already in place as support for this stance. Substantial scientific evidence demonstrates,,, Read the rest here 16:37

IUCN “Red Listing” Unwarranted- American Eel Sustainability Association Sets the Record Straight

Today, the American Eel Sustainability Association, an industry leader in the science and management of American eel, published their response to a misleading stock status designation about the species promulgated by an international environmental organization. According to the Association, American eel stock is stable and improving based on sustainable management and confirmed by decades of intensive monitoring. Read the rest here 14:21

In Maine, a key day for elvers regulation

The panel deciding whether to set catch limits or even close the fishery will take comments from fishermen and state officials, and there could be tension. The hearings in Hallowell and Brewer will be held by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, which has the authority to set catch limits and establish other rules governing East Coast fisheries from Maine to Florida. Read more here 07:55