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Another unlawful action by NOAA – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

communismNOAA has already crippled the fishing industry with its junk science, but I guess they have a few more nails to pound into the coffin. They have implemented an observer program in which boats have to bring out observers to track their catch and monitor their fishing because as you know, American fishermen are actually under communist rule and the laws and rights of the American don’t apply to them. So here is the scenario to understand: Read the letter here 08:04

American Fishermen, American Consumers and Coastal Communities, Support the A-7 Survival Fund – Highly Migratory Species

American fishermen,American consumers and coastal communities all lose under the current A-7  amendment to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species. Fearing further decline of domestic fisheries for rebuilt stocks of swordfish, some tuna, and the possible resulting transfer of the United States’ international quota to foreign fleets, members of the Pelagic Longline Fleet and other related businesses have filed suits challenging aspects of Amendment 7 to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species, which includes swordfish and tunas. Read the rest here 11:56

Fishing in murky waters: the administration’s secretive oceans policies come under fire

No FishingThe Obama administration is using its “phone and pen” method of governing by executive action to push its agenda and extend its powers in a huge new area: the Pacific Ocean. American fishermen are reacting with skepticism, concern and frustration at the latest murky steps to prevent fishing in vast tracts of the Pacific. Read more here 18:22