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Fishing industry seeks smaller offshore wind rollout, possible delay

As the state sets up an offshore wind industry, those in a much older line of work – fishing – feel a little left out of the conversation. ,,,“Three separate, developer-led outreach efforts have been launched, and all are stumbling to produce meaningful dialogue or move us closer to real solutions in areas ranging from navigation, access, cable routes, radar interference, and gear loss,” the coalition wrote. “Equally troubling, it has become clear that offshore wind developers are unwilling or unable to coordinate their interactions with commercial fishermen to tackle issues that cut across multiple project areas.” >click to read< 08:17

MSC certifies the scallop fishing industry in the United States as sustainable. Not all are impressed

sct logoThe certification will allow the 14 member companies of the American Scallop Association to be able to display, for a fee, the blue MSC label on scallops from this fishery and to continue to sell to global customers who require proof of sustainability, according to an association news release. Maine scalloper Togue Brawn, who had brought a formal complaint to the MSC that was dismissed, issued a statement Thursday saying, “I am very disappointed that the Marine Stewardship Council would certify a fishery that contains no real measures to prevent overfishing in the Northern Gulf of Maine. This decision deals a significant blow to the integrity and validity of the MSC eco-label.” [email protected]  02:12