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SIMP: Federal monitoring program will track foreign imports

A decision by Congress to add imported shrimp to the Seafood Import Monitoring Program is good news for an industry not used to hearing good news. The Gulf shrimp industry has struggled against a rising tide of cheap foreign imports for years, making it tough for domestic shrimp boat operators to make a living. Combined with the factors, this situation has led to a dramatic decline in the size of the Brownsville-Port Isabel shrimp fleet.,, The purpose is to thwart illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity. >click to read<10:38

Shrimp fishermen take issue with proposed TED rule

Shrimp boats that fish offshore already use TEDs. Turtle excluder devices use metal grates that prevent turtles from getting caught in the nets. The new rule would apply to skimmer nets, which generally shrimp in shallower waters. “It would affect about half of our fleet, which currently uses skimmer nets. They’ve been having to adhere to tow time restrictions. Now, they’ll have to use TEDs instead,” said Rick Burris, who directs the DMR Shrimp and Crab Bureau. The proposed regulation to expand the use of TEDs is the result of a federal lawsuit filed by a nonprofit conservation group called Oceana, which blames commercial fishermen for killing hundreds of sea turtles each year. “Certainly they’re being singled out. Oceana has had the shrimp industry as a target for a long time. Particularly as it relates to turtles,” said David Veal, executive director of the American Shrimp Processors Association. Veal says the statistics cited by the conservation group are suspect. Video, read the rest here 08:14

American Shrimp Processors Association pushing for legislation to help the industry

It is estimated Americans will eat 1.5 billion pounds of shrimp this year, but it’s not  that will benefit. According to NOAA, it’s foreign countries. In an effort to change that, members of the American Shrimp Processors Association recently met with Washington lawmakers urging them to support legislation they believe will help the shrimp industry. The “Leveling the Playing Field Act” would allow American industries, such as the shrimping industry, to be able to compete with foreign imports. Video, Read the rest here 08:18

Some Louisiana shrimpers say they’re going on strike over low prices.

“Opening day of the May season we got $2.70 for 40-50s,” shrimper Warren Delacroix of New Orleans said, discussing one common size of shrimp. “Right now they are $1.35 at some of the docks.” Association leaders said shrimpers will tie up their boats for a week or longer to allow the association to negotiate with processors. Read the rest here 16:10