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Trump Gave A Speech That Has The Wind Industry Terrified

Wind industry officials scrambled to fend off President Donald Trump’s criticism of wind turbines during his speech Wednesday night. “I don’t want to just hope the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Iowa. “As the birds fall to the ground.” Trump’s comments triggered a response from the CEO of the country’s largest wind energy lobbying group, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). CEO Tom Kiernan published a series of tweets to push back against Trump’s critiques of wind power. ( of course, we will never see the carnage at offshore wind farms, as sea birds will simply disappear into the ocean. What a scam!) click here to read the story 17:34

Report: Mid-Atlantic offshore wind industry would create 70,000 jobs, generate billions (Lets just turn the East Coast into a huge junkyard)

RICHMOND, Va. — The large-scale development of wind power off the Mid-Atlantic coast would create more than 70,000 jobs from New York to Virginia, an industry-sponsored study concludes. The study released Wednesday said those jobs would be created by a new industrial base needed to manufacture, build, operate and maintain the towering wind turbines, and an additional 40,000 jobs would be needed to serve the supply chain. The job growth would be realized over a 10-year build out of the offshore industry. The study was conducted for the Atlantic Wind Connection and released during the American Wind Energy Association’s annual conference in Virginia Beach. It continues through Thursday.