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An open letter to NOAA, Sam Frontiero, Gloucester

manatthewheelWell, John Bullard, you have put the final nail in the fisherman’s coffin and you must be proud. You have taken away the livelihood of the fisherman and the thousands of related jobs to the industry. You must be proud. You have hurt our young people’s chances for an education with your junk science, people paying their mortgages and so much more. You must be proud. I’ve always said along with power comes corruption and NOAA has shown that now and in the past. Read the rest here  10:30

Does this sound familiar? An open letter to Fisheries Minsiter, George Eustice

It would be difficult to exaggerate the sense of frustration within the fishing industry over this year’s ICES advice, especially when read in conjunction with the Commission’s Communication on how it intends to approach the December negotiations this year. With a few exceptions, stock after stock displays low or declining fishing mortality and steadily rebuilding biomass. The advice also suggests that major cuts quota will be proposed for 2015. Read more here  21:52