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P.E.I. scallop fisherman hooks more than he bargained for

Charles Doull knew his scallop drag hooked on to something big, but even he, a seasoned fisherman, was surprised to discover it was a massive anchor that’s “got to be well over 100 years old.” Doull was about 20 minutes out to sea off Borden-Carleton on Thursday when his drag, a device used to scoop  the shellfish from ocean floor, hooked on to something big. At the time, he didn’t know it was an anchor. But he knew it was very, very heavy. “We hoisted it up as much as we could and I could see there was no way, it would just haul the boat down into the water,” he said.,, On Friday, divers from Charlottetown went down to survey the situation. Click here to read the story 09:47