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Anchorage: Silver salmon stage a revival in urban Chester Creek

But even where humankind has tried hard to destroy the coho homeland in Chester Creek, the salmon were coming back. There was an unconfirmed report of at least one of them making it into the remnants of the Chester Creek Middle Fork in Russian Jack Park, which would require the fish transit an underground pipe about a half-mile long. Read the rest here 11:53

Southwest Alaska Salmon Science Workshop December 3-5, 2013 in Anchorage.

Dec 3  7-9PM) -The opening evening will feature a presentation (“Ice Dams, Lake Ahtna and the Evolution of Salmon”) by Dr. David Montgomery of the University of Washington. He will discuss how glacial ice dams and prehistoric mega floods may have influenced the evolution of salmon and other fish species. Dr. Montgomery is a MacArthur Fellow and author of King of Fish, the story of man’s troubled relationship with salmon. more info here 10:22