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Totally Torched: Low-Cost Offshore Wind Farm Power Claims Go Up In Smoke

Europe’s great wind drought continues, unabated. Adding to the wind industry’s woes, its claims that offshore wind power is ‘free’ and getting cheaper all the time have been totally torched – again. Over the last two years, Andrew Montford has been keeping a close eye on the financial reports produced by the UK’s offshore wind power outfits. What the books reveal runs counter to the spin and propaganda dished up in the media about the cost of offshore wind power. Andrew provides another helpful update,,, >click to read< 11:40

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Grossly ‘Unprofitable’, Essentially Worthless

A new report commissioned by the Norwegian government contradicts Boris Johnson’s recent claim in Parliament that offshore wind costs have fallen by 70% in a decade. It confirms that the UK’s newest offshore wind farms remain high-cost operations. Indeed, the academics who produced the report have said the forthcoming Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be unprofitable, and is essentially worthless, with a value of around minus £1 billion in current terms. Remarkably, the findings have not been disputed by the developers. >click to read< 10:27

Ocean Industrializing Politicians, read this. Burning Cash: The Staggering Cost of Offshore Wind Power.

The true cost of wind power is staggering, the cost of offshore wind power is astronomical: the latter is more than six times the cost of gas-fired power. The operating cost of maintaining any industrial machine in a marine environment starts out high and only increases over time, thanks to the corrosive power of saltwater and salt-laden sea air. Take a machine that, at best, has an economic lifespan of around 12 years and it doesn’t take long before the cost of operating a wind turbine offshore gets out of control. Andrew Montford runs the numbers on what is a staggeringly expensive way of generating a trivial amount of sporadically delivered electricity. >click to read< 11:23