Capt. Dave Marciano: Catch shares for tuna could end fishery

macianoThe end of the tuna fishery has begun. No one thought that giving one group of selected wealthy individuals their own special quota in the guise of conservation would lead to the demise of the groundfish fleet on Gloucester. But, yes, the greed-driven thugs got ideas as to how they could steal the resource for themselves. The weeks leading up to Christmas have historically been a very busy time for fishermen, but now, five years or so later, Gloucester Harbor is a dead stick. [email protected]  11:37

Marciano: Remember when we were all out there fishing and complaining about how bad the rules under days at sea management were?

Oh that’s right — the latter never happened, and the former was a hell of a lot better than where the industry is now. Seems as though it’s a surprise that there’s no help from the pols, on top of the desperate state of the sectors now.  Sectors are functioning in the groundfishery exactly as every other fishery catch shares program or any other of the thousand or so experiments before this one. [email protected] 05:47