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The War on Fishing

Old_man_fishingAnimal rights activists don’t want us eating fish or catching them recreationally. Fish may feel pain, don’t you know. Thus fishing is too cruel. When the usual suspects advocate destroying a trillion dollar industry, it is one thing. But when an outdoors magazine sympathizes, attention must be paid. From “Fish Have Feelings: Does That Mean We Are Torturing Them? Click here ” in Outside magazine: If fish feel pain, then many of us may have to rethink our life choices. We catch and eat nearly a thousand times more fish than terrestrial animals, and fishing practices in much of the world are barbaric. Conventional fishing kills millions of fish unnecessarily and most certainly subjects the animals to pain. “It really can’t be considered humane,” says Mary Finelli of Fish Feel. (rolling eyes) Like hunters are prime targets of animal rights activists, sport fishermen are now in the target zone. Read the rest here 16:34

#LobsterLivesMatter: Vegan compares lobster rescue to Underground Railroad

Canadian-woman-sends-grocery-store-lobster-900-miles-to-freedomWe’ve seen the momentum that #BlackLivesMatter has gotten. Did you know that lobster lives matter too? Before a lobster becomes the delicious and buttery culinary concoction familiar to most of us, it is a living creature–often in a grocery store tank. That was a sad sight for a Red Lake, Ont. vegan woman, Christine Loughead, who said that a lone lobster for sale “weighed on (her) psyche.” Triggered by such a burden, she bought the shellfish for $20.23, drove six hours to Winnipeg, shipped it via UPS to a vegan contact out in Halifax for $225, where the lobster was released into the ocean by a fellow vegan out east. She did an interview with me, during which she likened her actions to those who helped blacks escape slavery along the Underground Railroad. Like so many other animal rights activists, she thinks that throwing a lobster into the ocean (even though it’s very likely he got fished back out again) is on par with the emancipation of slaves. Interesting. Watch the video here 12:47