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Clearwater Seafoods Sees ‘Long-Term Opportunity’ in China

Over the past 40-plus years, Clearwater Seafoods has established itself as North America’s largest vertically integrated harvester, processor and distributor of premium shellfish. The company now sells 80 million pounds annually to more than 40 countries. But something happened in 2015 that prompted a major shift in its selling strategy. Nova Scotia-based Clearwater, which brands its product as wild-caught, premium seafood that is managed from ocean to plate, launched the Belle Carnell, a new fishing vessel that almost doubled the intake of one of its top products, the Arctic surf clam.  click here to read the story 13:32

Clearwater to lose monopoly on Canada’s lucrative Arctic surf clam

Halifax-based Clearwater Seafoods is losing its monopoly on Canada’s lucrative Arctic surf clam. Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced Thursday that DFO will give 25 per cent of the current quota to a new entrant after a request for written proposals closes in November. Currently all three Arctic surf clam licences are held by Clearwater. The government says the fourth licence holder it is seeking must be majority Canadian-owned and be an Indigenous entity based in Atlantic Canada or Quebec. The licence will be for 2018. click here to read the story

Arctic Surf Clam – Decision to Reconfigure Access in 2018 – The new entrant in this fishery will be selected as a result of an Expression of Interest. Interested parties wishing to participate in this fishery must send a proposal to Jacinta Berthier through one of the options below: click here to read the press release 18:52

Minister Tootoo Sets Arctic Surf Clam Total Allowable Catch

hunter-tootooHunter Tootoo, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, announced that the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for Offshore Arctic surf clams will be set at 38,756 tonnes for 2016, which is the level it has been at for a number of years. Prior to any change in the TAC and any decision on new entrants, the Minister has asked for science work to be completed and work undertaken to consider a spatial management system, which has been recommended by two independent studies of the fishery.  Underscoring the Government of Canada’s commitment to the precautionary principle, the Minister said that managing fisheries based on robust scientific evidence is a priority. Read the press release here 19:46

Increase in TAC for Arctic surf clam on the Banquereau Bank and Grand Bank

An increase in the total allowable catch (TAC) of Arctic surf clam on the Banquereau Bank and Grand Bank is being applauded by Ocean Choice International. (I’ll bet!) The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced the increase Friday. The new TAC — 52,655 tonnes compared to the previous 38,756 tonnes — will begin with next year’s fishery. “This increased TAC will not only allow a new entrant or new entrants into the fishery, but it will also allow for additional access to additional quota for the existing quota holder in 2016,” the department said in a news release. (image) Read the rest here 16:56