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Spanish fishing boat “Dorneda” sinks in Argentine Waters, twenty-five crewmembers rescued, one missing

A Spanish fishing trawler sank in rough weather off Argentina’s coast and at least one crewmember died, Argentina’s Navy said Wednesday. Twenty-five crewmembers were rescued and one was missing. The Navy issued a statement saying it was alerted Tuesday night that the Dorneda was in trouble. Early in the morning, the Spanish fishing trawler Farruco found two life rafts and a lifeboat with crewmembers from Spain, Peru, Morocco and Indonesia aboard. The British-flagged Beagle I also participated in the rescue and was taking the survivors,,, >click to read<09:51

At least three killed as Argentine fishing boat sinks off Chubut

Argentine Coast Guard found Sunday the dead body of two of the nine crew members missing after Saturday’s sinking of a fishing vessel off the coast of Argentina’s southern province of Chubut, it was reported, while one more sailor whose body is yet to be retrieved is also feared dead and seven more are still missing.  The fishing vessel Repunte sank about 80 kilometers north of the coast of Rawson, in the Patagonian province of Chubut, it was reported. On Saturday, the Coast Guard managed to rescue two survivors and detected the lifeless body of another. It all began Saturday morning, when the captain of the Argentine-flagged Repunte signaled the Maria Liliana, which sailed 16 nautical miles (about 32 kilometers) apart, that they were abandoning click here to read the story 18:06

Falklands squid catch dives from 350,000t to 2,000t, Argentina at 20-year low

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-12-22-49Juan Redini, president of the chamber of jiggers of Argentina, presented some shocking figures on squid catches in his country and also the Falkland Islands, during the cephalopod conference on the Monday before Conxemar. Argentina’s catches of squid for 2016 are just over 50,000 metric tons (see blue bars below) in 2016, with catches in the Falklands at around 2,000t (see red bars). In 2015, catches from Argentina’s vessels were around 110,000t, with the Falklands catching over 350,000t. This “massive trend downwards” has caused prices to rocket. According to a slide (see below) from Redini, prices were around $1,000/t in 2015, but have nearly doubled in 2016, with the massive drop in volumes. Read the rest here 16:33