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7 kinds of junk N.J. has dumped into the ocean to build reefs

For over 30 years, New Jersey marine officials have cultivated an underwater network of 15 artificial reefs to provide a home for fish and other sea life for the benefit of fishermen, scuba divers and the species themselves. And they do it by sinking a variety of objects that settle onto the ocean floor at locations from 2 to 25 nautical miles offshore, from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Here’s a look at the things that line the seabed off the Jersey Shore. Click to watch a couple of video’s, and view photo’s of different items used to build the reef network. 08:52

Defending the Lionfish while slamming Artificial Reefs

The spear-it-on-sight mandate and eradication tournaments targeting Gulf of Mexico lionfish are well-meaning sleights of hand. Now the hobgoblin of anyone who bottom-fishes, lionfish have been portrayed as a serious threat to the Gulf’s recreational and commercial fishing businesses because they eat the fry of red snapper, grouper and triggerfish. [email protected] 17:35

Abandoned rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

The abandoned rigs question is already getting a first-rate look by the right eyes – researchers at the Gulf of Mexico Institute at the Harte Research Institute in Corpus Christi. That work, which will require four years to complete, is being funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  It should be allowed to be finished before far-reaching conclusions are drawn. [email protected]

Volusia planning artificial reefs a mile from shore

“You know I have been a big supporter of our artificial reefs program,” Councilwoman Pat Northey said Thursday of the system the county has been rapidly expanding since 2010. “But there are a lot of questions out there about this. I’m certainly not saying no today, but I’m saying I have a lot of questions yet.” Read more here