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Tribes Request King Bycatch Reduction as Pollock Season Wraps Up

Blue NPFMC SidebarAs the Pollock season wraps up in the Bering Sea, the Association of Village Council Presidents and the Tanana Chiefs Conference want immediate action to protect declining Western Alaska King Salmon stocks from trawl bycatch. Listen, and read the rest here 09:07

Commerce Secretary asked to cut by-catch of salmon in the Bering sea–Aleutian Islands Pollock fishery

T–C–C officials said the Chinook salmon stocks are crashing, and they need to do everything possible to reverse the trend. The petition asks for an order to reduce the Chinook Salmon by–catch in the Bering sea–Aleutian Islands Pollock fishery. It would cut by–catch from 60 thousand down to 20 thousand. Read the rest here 23:22

Bethel Alaska: Gillnetters anxious to fish Kuskokwim River

Patience is wearing thin for fishermen along the Kuskokwim River, where restrictions on salmon fishing have been in place for weeks. But federal managers said they are considering at least a partial opening soon for gillnetters. Read more here  09:56

Disaster funds on hold until state, AVCP agree on split

23523_354387901211_7651997_aAlaska is set to receive $20.8 million for the 2012 salmon fisheries disasters, but how the money will be used is still being decided. First the State of Alaska and the Association of Village Council Presidents, or AVCP, must work on how to split the funds between Cook Inlet and Yukon-Kuskokwim stakeholders, said Art Nelson, policy and outreach director for the Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association. Read more here  16:20