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Death by Killer Algae

They didn’t think much of the first dead whale. Dwarfed by the rugged cliffs of Patagonia’s high green fjords, the team of biologists had sailed into a gulf off the Pacific Ocean searching for the ocean’s smaller animals, the marine invertebrates they were there to inventory. That night, while hunting for an anchorage in a narrow bay, the team spotted a large, dead whale floating on the water’s surface. But for the biologists, death—even of such an enormous animal—didn’t seem so unusual. Not so unusual, that is, until they found the second whale, lying on the beach. And a third. And a fourth. In all, they found seven in that bay alone. Over the next day, they counted a total of 25 dead whales in the fjord. click here to read the story 15:42

Obama declared the first National Marine Monument in the Atlantic Ocean, and I helped!

blumenthal-go-to-hellRoll the tape! Click on the image to watch. 06:28

Atlantic Ocean temperatures continue above normal: report – record highs on Grand Banks

DFO SidebarWarmer ocean temperatures are continuing in Canada’s Atlantic Ocean zones, according to the latest  released by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Almost no sea ice made it to the Scotian Shelf off Nova Scotia for the fourth consecutive winter, while ice was near normal on the Newfoundland and Labrador shelves. Read the rest here 23:59

BOEM (the ocean destruction agency) targets fishing impacts

The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has complied ‘best management practices’ (BMPs) to reduce fishing impacts by offshore wind energy development in the Atlantic Ocean. The agency and offshore wind leaseholders will use the recommendations in individual development plans. Read the rest here 20:05