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Atlantic Salmon Federation calling on Greenland to end commercial fishery of Atlantic salmon

Fishermen and conservationists are urging Greenland to end its commercial fishery of , arguing the stock is at historic lows and won’t recover if the harvest continues. It says that even though the population has been steadily declining over the last several years, Greenland has maintained its factory fishery of salmon that migrate north from river systems in Canada, the United States and elsewhere. The group released the figures ahead of a critical meeting next week in Labrador,,, Read the rest here 14:55

A drop in the population of wild Atlantic salmon in North America raises questions over Greenland salmon harvest

The Atlantic Salmon Federation has said that a fall in the population of wild salmon in North America brings about the question of the number of salmon being caught in Greenland. continued @ Ice News

Trout River one part of a global concern – experiencing poor salmon returns

The Western Star –  There are some pretty big concerns about salmon stocks in Newfoundland and Labrador, according to Don Ivany. The issue is as close as Trout River and as far away as Greenland, and the regional program director for the Atlantic Salmon Federation says there is a connection. The primary area of concern regarding these large, multi-sea winter fish is in Greenland. continued

Atlantic Salmon Federation says Greenland catch may be key to declining salmon stocks

The Canadian Press  – ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — The Atlantic Salmon Federation says a decline in wild salmon populations in North America raises questions about the number of fish caught in Greenland. Salmon returns dropped most in the southerly part of their range. In the Penobscot River in Maine, for example, the numbers fell to 614 from 3,092 — a decline of 80 per cent, according to the latest council estimates. continued

Atlantic Salmon Federation Calling for Better Salmon Monitoring

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is calling for more rigorous monitoring and research to prevent the escape of farmed salmon into the wild after the recent discovery of 25 farmed fish in the Garnish River on the Burin Peninsula. VOCM’s Linda Swain reports. continued