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Baker: The changing tone of the seal harvest – A Sustainable Natural Resource

Having any kind of logical, fully-informed debate about seals is never an easy thing to do because it’s laced with so much emotion. From my perspective I always try to approach it rationally, and sensibly. So, forgetting all the emotionally-driven arguments, let’s examine the basic elements. Read more here cbc 09:20

Baker | Kathy Dunderdale’s fisheries legacy – Evaluating how the premiers handled the fishery

“Good-bye and good riddance to the worst premier the fishery ever saw,” I had a fisherman tell me this past Wednesday when Kathy Dunderdale pulled the chute on being premier. Such knee-jerk reactions are commonplace around these parts, of course, and politics is a provincial bloodsport to boot (you just never see people talk politics with such rage and petulance in other provinces … well, OK,  Read [email protected]  08:00

Baker: The year that cod could not be sold at any price

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2In the fishery you can always tell if something is going pretty well because you don’t hear a lot about it, and that was the case this year in both the crab and shrimp fisheries. They make up about 80 per cent of the entire industry’s wealth in this province, and it seems things went well on the water and in the market for the most part in 2013. That said, it is clear there are some resource challenges coming: the ocean is changing, groundfish are returning and we may see crab and shrimp stocks taking dips as a result. Read more @cbcnews  06:05

Baker | Alaska seafood: we could learn a thing or three

It’s always been a common way of doing business in eastern Canadian fisheries. When markets take downturns and prices dip, the answer is simple: catch more fish…But what if we did have an option? What if we actually had coordinated marketing for our seafood so that we could drive demand, instead of just increasing supply every time we hit a bump in the road? Seems like it’s working out fine for Alaska. [email protected] 09:22

As an avid listener to the Fisheries Broadcast, I find disappointment that the website’s podcast archives have become incomplete since Jamie Baker became the host. There are a number of missing podcasts that I would have linked to fisherynation.com, because they have bearing on New England’s groundfish issues. The basis for Baker’s article today was a discussion with an ASMI representative that would have been linked earlier in the week, and relinked to this post so you could listen to the conversation. I have communicated my concerns. BH

Baker | There’s no sense being deluded about a cod comeback – Rethinking the future of the province’s cod fishery

Atlantic-Cod-Dieter-CraasmannFor the benefit of those who haven’t been around the actual fishery a lot since the wild and crazy days of the early 1990s, let me clear up any confusion about the cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador: There will never be a cod fishery in this province again like we saw in the past, pre-1992. To suggest otherwise is pure ignorance of fact; or else it’s a blatant attempt to romanticize and/or politicize notions of the good old days, geared to capitalize on “motherhood and apple pie” appeal of such a theory to spark the occasional vote.Along the northeast coast of Newfoundland, cod is currently considered a nuisance; [email protected] 11:48