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Quinlan Brothers Bay de Verde fish plant to be rebuilt by next year

quinlan-brother-fish-plant-fire-bay-de-verdeThe Newfoundland company whose seafood plant was destroyed by fire in April says it plans to have a new processing facility ready for production by next year. Quinlan Brothers Ltd. stated in a news release the company has worked with snow crab producers since the fire to ensure fish harvesters have been serviced as normal. The company also says other companies have helped provide employment to “practically all” of the 700 workers who were employed at the Bay de Verde plant. Quinlan Brothers says remediation at the Bay de Verde site has been completed, along with geotechnical surveys and infrastructure assessments, and foundations and site work could begin in the next 10 days. Link 13:01

Bay de Verde fish plant will be rebuilt after huge fire, owners assure workers

Bay de Verde fish plantHundreds of vital jobs also went up in those billows of black ash but owners the Quinlan Brothers offered some much needed reassurance. “There has been a great loss of physical assets but all of it can be and will be replaced,” the company said in a statement late Tuesday. “The company is fully insured and it will rebuild at Bay de Verde as quickly as possible.” It also said it can serve fish harvesters “as normal” with backup plans for processing. “The company is working ’round the clock to put in place arrangements with other producers to add capacity, increase shifts, etc., that will ensure seafood landed is processed in a timely and high quality manner.” Read the rest here 16:29

Bay de Verde residents in plant fire evacuation left to ‘pick up the pieces’

Bay de Verde’s mayor says residents and workers will need to ‘pick up the pieces’ following a fire that destroyed the eastern Newfoundland community’s fish processing plant. This morning we still have a smouldering mess,” Mayor Gerard Murphy told CBC’s St. John’s Morning Show on Tuesday. About 12 hours earlier, Murphy lifted a state of emergency and evacuation order in his community that saw 300 homes emptied as firefighters battled the blaze at the Quinlan Brothers Ltd. plant. The fire was reported at 5:30 a.m. NT Monday, and Murphy said the site is still one of devastation and smoke. Read the rest here 07:59