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North Sea cod gets MSC certification

At times during these moratorium years of the northern cod, people in this province have glanced at the North Sea to see how that cod stock was faring. Collapsed, recovered and collapsed again, North Sea cod over the years seemed on a different path than northern cod, and different methods were undertaken to attempt recovery and sustainability. On Wednesday, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announced that North Sea cod has received its distinguished certification after the stock passed an independent assessment against the MSC’s strict standards.,,, “Since then the industry has worked with the Scottish Government and EU Fisheries Council to agree and implement a ‘Cod Recovery Plan’ that would nurse the stock back to health. “The plan linked the number of days fishing that boats were given to the conservation measures they signed up to. click here to read the story 17:42

25 Years ago Today – The Northern Cod Moratorium

Sunday, July 2, marks a quarter of a century since then federal fisheries minster John Crosbie announced what was planned to be a two-year moratorium on the northern cod fishery. It continues on today, though it has often seemed lost in the wake of a lucrative crab and shrimp fishery that remarkably saved the industry and many communities. But back in 1992, a province settled and built on the back of the mighty cod fishery — a renewable resource if properly taken care of — was knocked off course with the swipe of a pen. Some fishermen tried to knock down the doors to the hotel conference room in St. John’s where the announcement was made that July 2, 1992. Other fishermen who were forced to lay down their cod traps and nets, wanted to burn their boats. About 40,000 people were put out of work in Newfoundland and Labrador and the other Atlantic provinces combined. click here to read the story 09:10

Fish Grab: Push and pull, as fishermen debate proposed tourist fishery

The notion that tourists should be able to drop a fishing line in the ocean all summer long has ignited a fierce debate on CBC Radio’s The Broadcast. Mussel Bed Boat Tours in Lewisporte is lobbying the federal government on behalf of 40 tour boat operators. “We proposed that we would start the season the first of June and end it at the end of September or the first of October, and that we would retain two fish per tourist per trip,” said Mussel Bed’s owner Graham Wood. “That doesn’t make any sense to me, right,” said Bay de Verde fisherman Tony Doyle, who’s against the proposal and worried about competition. “They can catch fish on his vessel when he’s out, but I’ll still be sitting on the end of the wharf and waiting for a three week fishery.” Read the rest here 07:53