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The Milford Laboratory is trying to bring back bay scallops

Scallops from an indoor aquaculture tank at the Milford LaboratoryThe population of bay scallops, a smaller relative of sea scallops, has been dwindling in U.S. waters for decades. The Milford Laboratory is trying to bring them back by breeding the shellfish that are most likely to survive and reproduce in the wild. Scientists don’t know precisely what caused bay scallops to die off, Dr. Stiles said. Contributing factors could be overfishing, pollution and the demise of eelgrass, an underwater plant that provided bay scallops protection from predators, she said. Read the rest here 07:24

Great Peconic Bay – 2015: The Year of Local Scallops

This year’s bay scallop season has been amazingly abundant. The scallops have been especially large, with delicate sweet flesh. Many baymen have been catching their limit in just a few hours, with some fish markets putting out a call for extra shuckers just to keep up. Our waters are under great pressure from the nitrogen loading, road run-off and too many poorly maintained septic systems, which has contributed to the collapse of eelgrass that hosts scallops. This year’s harvest seems to run contrary to those impediments. So what has happened? Read the rest here 14:59

Banner Scallop Year in Aquinnah Comes to Close

The Aquinnah bay scallop season ends Friday, marking what is believed to be the latest date for a bay scallop season closing in the commonwealth. The scallop season usually runs from fall until the last day of March, but Aquinnah shellfish constable Brian (Chip) Vanderhoop said unusual circumstances led to the extension of the fishery this year. [email protected]