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6th Annual Herring Sale to Raise Funds for Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer

Finest At Sea Victoria will see the once a year arrival of 20,000 pounds of fresh herring. This one-day herring sale is a fundraiser for Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer (FHKWC) 100% of the proceeds go directly to improving the quality of life of kids with cancer. The sale starts at 7:00am, with the most devout herring lovers lining up hours earlier in the still dark morning. This event runs entirely on the passion of volunteers and goes until we are sold out. Bring your pails and coolers and join us at 27 Erie St across from Fisherman’s Wharf at 7:00am Saturday December 2. WHY KIDS’ CANCER? The spark for Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer click here to read the story 21:58

Big Herring Haul for BC Children’s Hospital, as Fishermen outsmart Sea lions to get it!

After 35 years in the industry, the sea lions were a familiar annoyance to Viking Fisher’s skipper Neil Jensen. The marine mammals are smart enough to recognize the lights of fishing boats, patient enough to know when the nets were set, and are all ravenous for the herring surrounded within. But like many kinds of sea life, the lions could be swayed — by using bait to distract them. Read the rest here 11:08