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Freeport fisherman prohibited from fishing for five months

Beau Gillis of FreeportA Freeport fisherman will have to miss five months of ground fishing next year. Beau Gillis pled guilty July 11 to failure to hail accurate weight of fish on board a vessel, possessing halibut less than 81 centimetres in length, offloading fish without a monitor, and possessing fish that cannot be identified. Department of Fisheries officers say they noticed suspicious behaviour during a surveillance patrol on Long Island on June 10, 2015. Fishery Officers pulled over Gillis and seized his truck and 1,134 pounds of halibut worth $11,340. Judge Timothy Landry ordered the forfeiture of Gillis’ truck and the proceeds from the fish plus fines totalling $10,000. Read the rest here 12:21

Freeport fisherman lands 200-pound halibut alone

Gillis still had the 25-pound head of the halibut in a bucket of the back of his truck when I ran into him in Digby on Saturday, May 24. It didn’t take much to get the story out of him. Thursday, May 22 didn’t start so great for Gillis; his crew backed out on him, but with a wife and kids at home, Gillis has to earn a living. So he went alone. Up at 2:30 a.m., he loaded the boat by himself and set off on to the dark sea. Read more here  14:35