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Snow crab harvest slashed by 40% compared to last season

Crabbers’ fears of diving quota came true with the third-lowest snow crab harvest limit since 2005. The quota cut represents nearly a third of the entire snow crab harvest’s value last year. Between 2005 and 2014, the average price for Bering Sea snow crab was $1.86 per pound. At 40.6 million pounds, it comes to $50.2 million, or 31 percent of last year’s harvest value.In comparison to recent years, the value loss is even higher. Snow crab prices in the 2010s are the highest they’ve ever been; they haven’t dipped below $1.86 per pound since 2010. Last year, snow crab’s $2.37 per pound,,, Read the rest here 09:14

Snow crab fishery off to slow start – Harvests expected to pick up as more vessels move out of Pacific cod and bairdi tanner crab fisheries

Harvest figures for the commercial Bering Sea snow crab indicate it’s another slow start season for this fishery, a total allocation of 6.8 million pounds notwithstanding. Daily harvest reports posted by NOAA Fisheries Service in Juneau show that through Feb. 3, vessels fishing with individual fishing quota have harvested 23,402,226 pounds, or 38 percent of their total allocation of 61,155,000 pounds. Read the rest here 12:28

Bering Sea crab survey “road map,” Puny pinks, Cod market improves – Laine Welch

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Crab survey results – puny pink salmon – and cod prices tick up. More after this @fishradio  17:13

Good news, bad news for Alaska commercial fishermen in 2013

Depending on their quarry, some commercial fishermen working Alaska waters can expect a productive year in 2013, while others will face tighter limits. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has released its 2013 catch limits and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced its predictions on some major salmon runs. Read More

Red king crab quota holding steady, snow crab down for 2012-13 Cordova Times

Commercial fishermen heading out Oct. 15 and beyond for the 2012-13 Bristol Bay red king crab harvest will have a quota of 7.85 million pounds, up slightly over the 2011-2012 quota of 7.834 million pounds. The Bering Sea snow crab quota, however, is down from 88.894 million pounds a year ago, to 66.35 million pounds for the upcoming season. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the current season’s quota for red king crab on Oct. 3, with 7,067,700 pounds of individual fishing quota and 785,300 pounds for community development quota. http://www.thecordovatimes.com/article/1241red-king-crab-quota-holding-steady-snow-crab