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New player in this year’s seal hunt – Bernie Halloran feels struggling industry about to ‘bust wide open’

There’s a new player in the seal processing sector in Newfoundland and Labrador this spring, and it is promising to shake things up for an industry that’s already facing a great deal of challenges and uncertainty. The company name — PhocaLux International Inc. — may not be familiar to many, but Bernie Halloran, the man at the helm, is no stranger to the sealing industry. Read the rest here 09:20

Saint John’s: Bernie Halloran looking to open seal processing plant

The owner of a popular seal skin retail store in downtown St. John’s says he’s looking to open his own processing plant somewhere in the province. Bernie Halloran, the owner of Always in Vogue, said he wants to open a processing plant, not to cut out the middle man, but to get into the market before it’s too late. Halloran said he thinks there is going to be a large demand for more seal products — despite the ongoing push by animal rights activists against the controversial seal industry. Read the rest here 16:03