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Alaska Department of Public Safety reaches out to fishermen in effort to combat opioid abuse

Earlier this year, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker issued a disaster declaration to combat opioid abuse in the state. Since then, more time and resources have been dedicated to the issue. This summer, some of those efforts are aimed at getting the attention of the fishing community. “We haven’t had something of this magnitude before,” said Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, “It’s not just about fishermen, it’s about lumberjacks, it’s about concrete pourers and everyone else out there,” Though the letter was sent specifically to fishermen, the commissioners said its part of a wider effort, and they’re not singling out one industry. click here to read the story 22:38

Bill Walker, the former director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is now a convicted felon.

Walker pleaded guilty to one court of conspiracy involving the use of federal money he controlled at the DMR. It was a brief hearing, lasting only 35 minutes. But during those 35 minutes, a clear picture of corruption at the DMR was painted by federal prosecutors, corruption that began and ended with Bill Walker. Read more here wlox.com  18:58