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Rare Blue Lobster Caught By Sea Isle City Fishermen

Eighty-five miles off the Jersey shore, some Sea Isle City fishermen found a diamond in the rough. It was the highlight of their four-day trip, a brilliant Blue Lobster in a sea of blah brown and green sea dwellers. “Well the pot came over the rail and everyone got excited,” Joe O’Donnell of South Seaville said. The crew of Captain Eric’s Two Dukes’ boat had just plucked a rare find 700 feet down off the ocean floor. Video, click here to read the story 07:49

Rare Blue Lobster Caught Off New Jersey Coast Will be Saved – Most lobsters hauled in by commercial fishing boats end up on someone’s dinner plate. But a remarkably rare blue lobster caught this week by the crew of the Sea Isle City-based vessel “Two Dukes” appears headed for an aquarium instead of a pot of boiling water. Photo’s, click here to read the story 

WATCH: Blue lobster molting at Maine State Aquarium

Blue-Lobster-as-Rare-as-1-in-2-Million-Caught-Off-the-Coast-of-Maine-USThe Maine State Aquarium says their maintenance team caught Lila the blue lobster molting earlier this week.  Typically, lobsters shed once a year once they are at a reproducing age. When they are young and growing it is much more frequent, and when they are older, it is much less than this. Eventually it stops altogether, but there is no set time frame or age for this. Berried females also skip the annual molting cycle, according to the Maine State Aquarium. Watch the video here 08:10