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Problems turning Bluenose II rudder means it’s unlikely to sail this summer

LUNENBURG, N.S. – Nova Scotia’s historic sailing schooner the Bluenose II needs a modern hydraulic system to turn its 3,200-kilogram rudder and make it seaworthy, says the senior government official overseeing the vessel’s restoration. Read more here 06:40

BRIGHTON: It’s a hull of mess we’re looking at

Authenticity lies at the core of Nova Scotia’s tourism brand, so it’s important to get the story straight. Either the vessel carrying the Bluenose II name is the real thing or it isn’t. The province appears to want it both ways. Read [email protected]  11:24

Builder: Bluenose II (wink!) meets specs – Consortium responds to concerns design could lead to sinking

BRIDGEWATER — The upright walls in the hull of the Bluenose II have been inspected and meet some of the highest standards in the industry, says the head of the consortium rebuilding the famed wooden schooner. continued

Bluenose II on course to sail again next month

Halifax Herald – LUNENBURG — The restored Bluenose II is on track to sail again next month despite changes to the plans that have caused some holdups. continued