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Garnish fishermen facing big bill after boat sinks

Preston Grandy, a fisherman from Garnish, is facing a big repair bill after his longliner sank less then a quarter mile from the community on June 5. “I was over lobster fishing in new grounds, unfamiliar grounds, and I hit an unmarked sunker as the tide was falling,” he explained. “When the tide fell out, then she rolled over.” Grandy said the vessel sustained a hole in the stern, as well as other damage along the side of the boat and the interior. “Complete write off for electronics,” he said. On board the vessel, Grandy had a new plotter capable of creating 3D images, radar, newly installed lighting and other equipment. Tim Ball, a commercial diver who fishes with Grandy, was also on board the vessel at the time it rolled. click here to read the story 09:51

VIDEO: U.S. Coast Guard rescues two fishermen after boat sinks 52 miles northwest of Boca Grande

Coast Guard rescues 2 fishermen after boat sinksThe U.S. Coast Guard rescued two men after their boat sank , Florida, early Monday, according to a news release. The captain of the 37-foot commercial fishing boat, Ruby-D, made multiple mayday calls shortly before 3:30 a.m. stating his boat was sinking, and, along with his crewmember, he was abandoning ship. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater crews arrived at the scene at approximately 4:25 a.m., spotted a strobe light and located both fishermen in a life raft nearby, said the release. Video, Read the rest here 14:18