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In the Cross Hairs – Court upholds killing sea lions to save salmon

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – An appeals court has upheld killing sea lions that eat too many salmon at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. The Humane Society of the United States had challenged the killing, arguing that fishing and the dams kill far more salmon than sea lions. [email protected] 19:57

Salmon counters at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River are seeing the biggest chinook run since 1938, but environmentalists still worry.

A record fall run of chinook salmon is heading up the Columbia River — more than any year since the Bonneville Lock and Dam was built in 1938, impeding natural access to the prized fish’s traditional spawning grounds and stirring a controversy that has yet to abate. “Is this something to celebrate? Absolutely.  “But this is one population of salmon. There is still more work to do.” [email protected]  14:27