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John Furlong | Finding connections at the Boston Seafood Show

I was surprised by the way I felt when I arrived here in Boston. Like a lot of other Newfoundlanders, I knew a little about the connection between Newfoundland and Boston and that many of us had relatives who went to “the Boston States” for work in the fishery and other industries. So perhaps it is natural that I feel a kinship to this city that goes well beyond my longstanding loyalty to the Boston Bruins. The people of Boston have roots that go back to the same reasons that planted many a Furlong and Malone and Fitzgerald in Newfoundland. Read more

Cooke’s first salmon harvest – to be displayed at the Boston Seafood Show

Hundreds of thousands of Atlantic salmon are being sucked from their pens in the first ever harvest of fish from a Cooke Aquaculture site in St. Marys Bay. He then opened a box to reveal a silver-sided salmon on ice, the first fish harvested and now ready to be displayed this weekend at the Boston Seafood Show. Read more