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Opponents of ultra-deep BP wells off N.S. coast speaking at SMU

Eight years ago on an April evening, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, killing 11 workers, injuring 17 more and leaking nearly five million barrels of oil into the ocean off the U.S. coast. The wellhead blowout — a combination of human error and mechanical and design insufficiencies — caused the largest oil spill in history, cost billions of dollars to mitigate, and some experts say resulted in irreparable damage to the surrounding ecosystem. With BP now approved to drill up to seven deepwater exploration wells off the coast of Nova Scotia, some are wondering if the province is at risk of its own Deepwater disaster.>click to read<11:54

Asian American Fishermen Accuse BP of Discrimination

NEW ORLEANS (CN) – Half of the commercial fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico are Vietnamese and Cambodian Americans, but BP discriminated against them during the oil spill cleanup by hiring only 7 percent of boats in its Vessels of Opportunity program from them, 55 fishermen claim in court. Before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, “the Gulf Coast seafood industry was a vibrant and lucrative business employing more than 213,000 people and producing continued

BP: Chef Folse’s company not a seafood processor, shouldn’t get claim money

BP is arguing that Chef John Folse & Co. is not a seafood processor at all — and therefore should not get the millions of dollars a court-appointed claims administrator recently awarded it to cover its spill-related losses.  BP complains that these claimants, mostly in non-Gulf-related industries like farming, construction and professional services, are being paid millions for “fictitious losses.” continued

Record fine, manslaughter charges for BP spill

BP confirmed it was in “advanced discussions” with the DoJ and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). http://news.msn.com/us/source-record-fine-manslaughter-charges-for-bp-spill

The oil might not be as visible in the gulf, but the residents are still coping with effects of the nation’s largest offshore oil spill.

The Gulf of Mexico is deep blue again. On the Alabama coast, children run on crowded beaches and splash in the surf. In fishing villages, shrimpers whitewash boat decks in preparation for another season……………Michelle Jones was pregnant with her second son when her husband was killed on the Deepwater Horizon rig. Timeline: Key Events Video: Oyster Fisherman’s Last Run http://www.abc26.com/news/nationworld/la-oil-spill-html,0,2965456.htmlstory