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Disburse disaster aid to all active fishermen – Jan Margeson, Brewster

cashA typical small-boat fisherman from Cape Cod — or anywhere in the state for that matter — has more than navigating around the tides and the wind to contend with in today’s complicated regulatory world and in the face of a changing ocean. There’s crew to pay to sustain viable communities, gear and fuel to buy to support a coastal economy, and safety equipment to update to make sure they are prepared in any emergency. Starting in October, these family fishermen will have to undertake a new added expense: paying for who count the fish they harvest and those they have to throw back. Read the rest here 08:38

The outdated 1972 federal law protecting the seals has worked well — too well, in fact. Time to stop tagging and start bagging seals – Chris Yerkes, Brewster

June 25, 2013 While it’s great to see that a few of us are capitalizing on the recent influx of great white sharks by hawking T-shirts (Business section, June 18), I wonder how many countless others have lost their incomes or recreational ability. This group would obviously include recreational and commercial fishermen, surf and fishing tour operators, surfers and swimmers, among others. [email protected]