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Positive trends highlighted in fall sockeye market analysis

Bristol Bay’s commercial fishing industry had a smashing good season in 2017. The massive forecast for next year has stirred a lot of excitement, and drift permit prices are up around $140,000. Now an annual analysis of the sockeye market suggests wholesale and retail prices are up, worldwide supply is down, and farmed salmon producers are still struggling to rebound. Only the prospect of Pebble Mine filing for permits has seemed to dampen the mood of Bristol Bay fishermen this fall. Andy Wink, a senior seafood industry analyst at the McDowell Group, authored the “2017 Sockeye Market Analysis” for the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. click here to read the story 08:18

Bristol Bay fleet chilled more salmon in 2016 than ever before, according to study

The Bristol Bay salmon drift fleet sold more chilled salmon to processors last year than ever before. Bristol Bay is the world’s largest salmon fishery, and is making efforts to sell a larger portion of its catch as fillets, rather than canned. Filling those fresh and frozen orders requires chilling at the point of harvest, which more fishermen are apparently doing.  According to the BBRSDA survey, chilling bonuses averaged 16 cents per pound last season. Depending on the base price, the percentage that 16 cents represents can be too large to ignore. While most new boats come with refrigerated seawater systems installed and more are added to older vessels each year, the study found there are still plenty of skippers who are holding out. Click here to listen, and read the story 16:30

Martello to lead Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

After a lengthy search, the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association has a new executive director set to start in December. The organization, which is funded by a tax on drift fishermen, announced Nov. 12 that Becky Martello would take the top job beginning Dec. 14. Martello replaces Sue Aspelund, who said last spring that she’d like to resign from the position after holding it for about a year. Martello grew up in Bristol Bay and has fished commercially,,, Read the article here 13:38

Third party subpoenas denied in Pebble litigation

judgementA federal court judge has ruled against motions from the Pebble Limited Partnership to compel testimony and documents from third party interests in Pebble’s lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency. In a U.S. District Court decision handed down in Anchorage on Nov. 18, Judge H. Russel Holland quashed the motion in which Pebble sought testimony and numerous documents from the Alaska Conservation Foundation and the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, through former employees Sam Snyder and Bob Waldrop respectively. Read the article here 16:39

Bristol Bay sockeye earnings hit decade low

799px-Sockeye_@_Bristol_Bay-265x300For the first time in a decade, ex-vessel earnings for sockeye salmon coming out of Bristol Bay, Alaska, have fallen below $100 million, despite a “massive” return of 58m fish, according to a sockeye bi-annual market analysis prepared for the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association by McDowell Group. According to the report, 2014 marked the fourth consecutive year that base ex-vessel prices –the price paid to fishermen by a processor for whole fish — were above $1.00/lb, “Bristol Bay seemed to be on a roll; firing on all cylinders and producing strong earnings”. Value fell sharply, however, in 2015,,, Read the rest here 14:00

Seafood development association shifts focus away from Pebble Mine

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association took another step away from prior efforts to fight Pebble Mine with the election of a new board president. The fishing association, or BBRSDA, is funded by a 1 percent tax on Bristol Bay drift fishermen. Historically it has opposed , including spending at least a fifth of its budget on sustainability and anti-mining efforts over the past several years and a policy statement adopted in 2008 that opposed large-scale mining. But that focus has been shifting away from that work. Read the rest here 21:30

The Facts: Discovery/Animal Planet’s “Battle on the Bay” – Reality, or Made for TV Drama.

In January, Discovery/Animal Planet debuted a new “reality TV” show that follows five of the 1,747 Bristol Bay salmon permit holders that fished during the 2014 season. The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), which represents all the Bay’s salmon driftnet fishermen, would like to set the record straight on a few things. Read the rest here 11:58

Bristol Bay buyback up for discussion

According to an email from Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), 81 percent of drift permit holders responded to a survey last year saying they were interested in learning more about a possible buyback. Now the association is trying to decide whether to study the issue further. Read the rest here 16:30 Photo compliments of Todd Raden, Thank you Todd!

A commercial fishermen’s group Plans Ads Thanking Begich for Pebble Stance

A commercial fishermen’s group is running TV ads thanking Sen. Mark Begich for his opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine. Bob Waldrop is executive director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. He says ads will begin running Wednesday. Read [email protected]  12:10

Should Alaska’s largest salmon fleet look into downsizing? Alaska Fish Radio

That’s the question fishermen are posing in an informal buyback poll mailed to Bristol Bay’s 18-hundred plus driftnet permit holders. continued

Alaska Fish Radio is a 2 1/2 minute program that airs weekdays on 30 radio stations and web sites. Its focus is Alaska’s seafood industry.

Deadline is Feb. 5 to nominate to Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association board

Officials of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association have issued a reminder of the Feb. 5 deadline for members interested in nominating themselves or someone else for a seat on the association’s board of directors.

All BBRSDA members have already been mailed a written call for nominations and notice of election. Read more   http://www.bbrsda.com/

Commercial fishermen applaud EPA’s peer review process for Bristol Bay assessment; mining and productive salmon stocks do not mix!

“People who are attacking this report aren’t criticizing the science but are trying to use any opportunity to attack the EPA,” said Bob Waldrop, executive director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. “The agency was invited to Bristol Bay by Alaska Natives, commercial fishermen and others, and EPA is simply fulfilling its duties and responsibilities to live up to the Clean Water Act.” http://www.akbizmag.com/Alaska-Business-Monthly/November-2012/Commercial-fishermen-applaud-EPAs-peer-review-process-for-Bristol-Bay-assessment-Call-on-President-for-swift-action-to-protect-fishery-jobs-and-economy/