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Alaska Board of Fisheries calls for shallower setnets in hopes of saving Kenai Kings

Commercial setnet fishermen on the Kenai Peninsula will be given the opportunity this summer to shift their operations to shallower nets in an attempt to save king salmon in Alaska’s renowned Kenai River if the run is as weak as predicted. The Wednesday action by the Alaska Board of Fisheries comes about a decade after shallower nets were ordered for the state’s Bristol Bay salmon fishery. Bristol Bay is the site of the world’s largest harvest of sockeye salmon. Read [email protected] 11:42

Mine project threatens Bristol Bay salmon fishery: EPA report

The great fishery in Alaska’s Bristol Bay should beware diggers of open pit gold mines,  erectors of 685-foot-high tailings dams and builders of haul roads that cross salmon-spawning streams, according to a detailed — and devastating — new federal analysis. continued