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Video Report: Why Brexit may be the best thing for Britain’s fishing industry

fishingboats1The world was shocked when, in June, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Many believe the severance will negatively affect Britain’s economy, but the fishing industry expects benefits — including increased profitability, poverty relief and elimination of what some fishermen see as harmful restrictions. From southwest England, special correspondent Jennifer Glasse has the story. The June vote to leave may have surprised many there, but it came as welcome news to the island nation’s fishermen. They have long complained about European Union rules, and now they’re hoping Brexit will help them revitalize a fishing industry they say was damaged by E.U. policy. MIKE SHARP, Skipper, “Emilia Jane”: We have all the Dutch, and the French, and the Belgian fishermen, and mainly the Spanish as well coming to land to take our fish out of our waters, which we want to — you know, I think we still can let them come in, but we can decide how many comes in. Read the rest, watch the video click here 17:50

The growth of Marine Conservation Zones is killing Britain’s fishing industry

12726185-H151_W220Keith Turner has sent a petition of 249 signatures to Marine Environment Minister George Eustice, calling for an end to the expansion of Marine Conservation Zones “without producing impartial scientific evidence as to why more of these zones are needed”. Mr Turner, who worked out of Brixham and Plymouth harbours, said he was fighting for the livelihood of fishermen like his grandson, Dominic Welsh, an Exmouth scallop boat skipper. In January eight new Marine Conservation Zones around the South West, from Land’s End to Foreland Point in North Devon, were announced. Read the rest here 10:14