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British fishermen tired of taking ‘scraps’ from Brussels are counting down the days to Brexit

They still like a Canadian down in Cornwall. The fishermen here all remember flying the Maple Leaf on their boats in solidarity back in 1995, when Canada and Spain went to battle on the high seas in the Turbot War. Back then, anyone taking on European Union boats accused of overfishing, especially Spanish boats, could count on the support of not just Cornish fishermen, but of the entire British fishing fleet. Canada accused Spanish boats of overfishing turbot using outlawed nets and actually fired shots across the bow of a Spanish trawler called the Estai in international waters off the coast of Newfoundland. Mounties and Fisheries Department officers seized the boat and arrested its captain. >click to read< 14:33

The understandable anger of British fishermen

When the fisheries-rich countries of the North Atlantic applied to join the EEC in the early 1970s, it was an opportunity for ministers in Brussels that was too good to miss. To the nervous embarrassment of the Dutch, a last minute deal was pushed through that bolted the resources of national fishing grounds onto the scanty treaty provisions that covered trade in fish produce. It was a shoddy fix and, it turned out, a major scandal at least for one of the applicant states. Norway’s fisheries minister resigned in protest, and the Norwegians voted against accession. But the UK did not. In 1973, the country joined the Brussels club. Ted Heath’s people accepted the stitch up as a political price worth paying – one of many, it might be said. And thus was created the original sin behind UK membership. >click to read<19:26

British Fishermen ‘offered 25 times a day’s wage to smuggle people into UK’

British fishermen have disclosed people smugglers have been offering them 25-times a normal day’s pay,  across the Channel. At least one former fisherman was so worried about the ease of smuggling people into the UK’s unwatched coves and bays that he wrote to the Home Office, only to be assured “everything is fine”. Home Office and Ministry of Defence officials will this week meet to discuss bolstering security in the Channel, after the rescue of 18 Albanians and two Britons from a sinking boat off the Kent coast last week raised fears about the scale of people smuggling along Britain’s coastline. “I have been approached in the past by a man who asked if I was interested in making more money,” said one fisherman, who asked not to be named. Read the rest here 22:22

Fishy EU goes fishing at Britain’s expense

The UK’s fishing industry is central to our national identity, and puts food on the table for millions. But Brussels wants to destroy it, and is doing a good job of doing so. The number of British fishermen has fallen by a quarter in the last two decades. Behind the scenes is the EU’s long-running (and much hated) Common Fisheries Policy which lays down the law for small time fishermen and huge trawlers alike, though the rules Read the rest here 07:50