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Gulf Shrimpers seek shelter from approaching storm

At the Brownsville Shrimp Basin Thursday morning, workers at the Zimco Marine unloading dock raced against the clock to unload frozen shrimp from trawlers and load it onto trucks. “We have to get it done quick before the rains start and the winds start,” Supervisor Leonard Leyva said. “It’s already getting pretty dark so we’re trying to get things done quick.”,,,Next door at Texas Shrimp Association headquarters, TSA Executive Director Andrea Hance said most of the Brownsville shrimp fleet was either back in port or on its way. Earlier in the week, amid forecasts that Harvey would reorganize as it bore down on the coast, captains began steaming homeward, she said. Hance owns two shrimp boats with her husband, Preston, who called in to report that the Brownsville Ship Channel was packed with incoming trawlers. click here to read the story 09:19

As Harvey Closes-In Shrimpers Race InlandVideo, click here to read the story 12:36

As the Brownsville Shrimp Fleet is blessed, Prices are plummeting

Andrea Hance , executive director of the Brownsville-based Texas Shrimp Association, said the blessing is especially welcome this season. “Unfortunately this year the shrimp prices, they’re starting to plummet,” she said. “It’s not going to be pleasant this year. What’s happened, the imports have shot up.” “shrimp prices are about $3 lower per pound than this time last year. That’s too big of a change. We had a boat that came in the other day that averaged $3.50 a pound. (Prices) plummeted because the big nationwide buyers, they have too much inventory. Right now imports are about as high as they’ve ever been.” Read the rest here 14:37