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City Hall does not like to be harsh, especially to those in the commercial shrimping industry these days. But they’re gonna be.

The individuals and families who trawl Georgia’s waters have enough problems surviving year to year with all the government regulations they must comply with and the flood of cheap imports from just about every continent on the globe they  must compete with before, during and after the legal season for fishing in Southeastern United States. (feelin’ the love?)  [email protected]  15:14

Shrimper ready for Blessing – F/V Miss Alena will be the lead boat Brunswick Ga. 75th Annual Blessing of the Fleet 3 p.m. Sunday

Looking at his office wall, Speedy Tostensen admires all the pictures of his shrimp boats.Some are newspaper clippings in black and white. Others are photos in bright, vibrant colors that show off the fishing boats he decorated for special events such as the Blessing of the Fleet procession in East River Sunday. All of the photos are from the past, including the Brunswick Spring Fiesta – a city-hosted festival held in the 1980s at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in conjunction with the annual Blessing of the Fleet. continued